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Sunday, May 29, 2011

Memorial Day Weekend in Philadelphia!

For those of us in the USA, I hope everyone is having a wonderful Memorial Day Weekend! My Saturday was spent in Philadelphia with friends (including my wonderful husband). As promised, I have pictures to post, including photos from a few locations featured in my short story, THE CONTRACT.

Enjoy the photos and the rest of the weekend!

Philadelphia Art Museum

City Hall

William Penn atop City Hall

Independence Mall (Historical Philadelphia)

Location from THE CONTRACT: South Street
 (The first sign Diana sees when she teleports to the human realm)

Location from THE CONRACT: The Dark Horse Pub
(Where Diana meets Cole for the first time)

Location from THE CONTRACT: Penns Landing/Benjamin Franklin Bridge
(Where Diana battles her brother Apollo)

Penns Landing

Philadelphia Art Museum

Location from THE CONTRACT: The Dark Horse Pub
(Where Diana meets Cole for the first time)

South Street overpass to Penns Landing

Broad Street View from the Art Museum

The Love Statue

The Rocky Statue

The Liberty Bell

The infamous Geno's Steaks

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