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Thursday, February 4, 2010

Twenty Four Inches: A Perfect Opportunity

Mother Nature is threatening my area with twenty four inches of snow! That's right, folks...a blizzard warning is in effect! What does this mean? I can finish second round editing on Mythic, can dive head first into Blood Moon (manuscript 2), can finish up critiquing, and can finally make a dent in my "to be read" pile.

I picked up a few new reads to add to my endless pile. This week, I downloaded "Little Red and the Wolf" by Alison Paige. (available at I've been looking forward to reading this one. In addition, I hope to tackle "Bad Moon Rising" by Sherrilyn Kenyon and "A Mermaid's Kiss" by Joey W. Hill.

Finally, I finished reading "Ecstasy Unveiled" by Larissa Ione and I LOVED it! Larissa's Seminus Demons make me swoon.

For those of you who may be affected by this weekend's blizzard, stay warm and safe.

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