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Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Just In Time For Valentine's Day...

In ancitipation of Valentine's Day, and the fact there there is another 24 inches of snow threating my region, I feel the need to indulge myself in all things warm, and not necessarily fuzzy.

With that being said, I am burying my head in my latest guilty pleasure, "Fangly, My Dear", by Mardi Ballou.

As both a reader and writer of romance, I often think of the scenes in other author's books that cause my heart to race. So, I ask...which author has penned your favorite "between the sheets" moment?

I have so many these days. Among the list are...

Pleasure Unbound, by Larissa Ione: The first love scene between Seminus Demon Dr. Eidolon and Demon Slayer Tayla in her hospital room. HOT!

Beloved Vampire, by Joey W. Hill: Each love scene is hotter than the last. In my opinion, the woman can do no wrong.

Night Play, by Sherrilyn Kenyon: Vane and Bride's first love scene in her store dressing room. It sent me running for the nearest glass of ice water.


Danielle said...

So many to choose from...

Since thinking on this too long will cause my head to explode, I'll go with a recent one that I thought was amazing. I thought that in Pleasure: the Shadowdwellers by Jacquelyn Frank, all the love scenes between Guin and Malaya, but especially the first one. What makes it special is that Guin had been in love with Malaya forever, and you could just feel the love pouring out of him as he made love to her, as well as it being a very hot scene ;)

Danielle Monsch - Dani(at)DanielleMonsch(dot)com

Jae Lynne Davies said...

Hi Danielle,

I haven't read Pleasure, but I'm starting "Jacob" and will work my way there . Thanks for sharing!

VioletMoon said...

I have to agree with you my dear friend that Vane & Bride's first scene...Ice Water was as needed as a blood transfusion for a gun shot patient (Bad analogy yes...First thought that popped up..also yes)...I will say that Most of the Lyndsay Sands scenes are hot and heavy and make you want to run for the closest cold and lets face it sometimes hardest item you may find lol
I may change my theory if there is Hotness on my own bad boy Mattias in the new pack of pages sent...I have a feeling that with him involved it could be a scene that takes the lead!!