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Friday, December 28, 2012

Welcome Debut Erotic Romance Author Marianne Theresa & Giveaway!!

Please join me in offering a warm welcome to debut erotic romance author, Marianne Theresa!

Welcome, Marianne!

JLD: Tell us a bit about yourself.

Marianne: First, I'd like thank-you for having me here on your blog-site. Being half a world away, I almost feel like I’m on cyber holidays.  I’m happily married with 2 children and I live on the east coast of Australia, just a few hours’ drive north of Sydney. And while you guys are in the clutches of winter, we are sweltering away under the tyranny of summer, which is really ironic because I absolutely adore snow and the colder weather, but my family enjoys all the summer trimmings our great beaches have to offer- like the sun, surf and sand.   

JLD:  Where you live sounds lovely! I've always wanted to visit Australia. In which genres do you write?

Marianne: As Marianne Theresa I write first and foremost in the Romance Genre – but like a packet of Tim-Tams, I don’t stop at one variety, so I indulge my passion for Love and Romance and write in several sub-genres such as:  Historical, Paranormal, Contemporary & Steampunk. Yes I know – that’s a lot of variation, but as long as romance is in the main course – I know the desert of the story will always follow. Be warned though, most of my stories tend to be of the an Erotic and Spicy nature J
I write what gives me the most pleasure to do so. 

JLD: What inspires you to write?

Marianne: Life itself! Pure and simple – as it goes on around us. Whether it is something I’ve read from 400 years in the past, visions or dreams of what’s gone by, and ideas or wishes of what’s to come. For years I’ve sat in Drs Waiting rooms, supermarket checkouts, parks and the great outdoors, just watching and studying everyday occurrences in people’s lives – they’ve always interested me. For me, life itself is wonderfully consuming and full of predictions, expectations and opportunities. Some taken, some lost and many unique & unexpected! It’s like a kaleidoscope of stories just waiting around a corner, wanting to be told. I find the choices are boundless.

JLD: How do you choose names for your characters?

Marianne: That’s a good question Jae Lynne. Mostly that’s not been a huge issue as they tell me who they are. By the time I’ve plotted a rough draft (yes, I’m usually a plotter), they’ve wasted no time in coming forward & I know who they are.  A few times I’ve had to change name or two because they rub each other the wrong way, but over-all  I’m generally happy with how they just slip right into their designated rolls and get on with the story. J

JLD: What is your favorite type of character to write? Do you have a personal favorite amongst your own characters?

Marianne: I love to read AND write about characters that bring to the story a deep emotional pull.  And I mean in the sense that they have to charm me, make me believe in them, laugh with them and cry with them.  
A Favourite Character, WOW… let me see, I would have to say that I really enjoy Cally, she’s the female lead character in my soon to be released short Contemporary Erotic Romance Story – Hidden  Passions.

JLD: Do you have any advice for aspiring authors?

Marianne: Have a passion for what you write. I also believe that goes for any craft connected to the ARTS. Join a writing group if you can, there are many out there that are wonderfully supportive.  I’d been writing many years before I knew about wonderful Societies & Associations that are full of kindred souls, eager to help newbie- writers find their feet! RWA (Romance Writers of Australia) was my saving grace. It opened my eyes to a whole world of *important stuff*that I needed to learn about. And you’ll never know it all … but the more you do learn the better it will be for your own journey along the road to publication.

JLD: Who is/are your favorite author(s)?

Marianne: Because my love of History had been ingrained in my soul for as many years as I can remember, I didn’t know I wanted to write until I had read a few 100 Historical Novels, in my late teens. It was at that time I found the works of Kathleen E Woodiwiss and I was hooked. I’ve read *A Rose in Winter* so often that I wore out the original and am on my second copy.

But 30yrs (or so - J ) on, and it would be impossible not to add many amazing authors to my list. But a few that I go back to their stories over and over are: Ms Joey W Hill;; Stephanie Laurens;  Gaelen Foley just to name a few …

JLD: How do/does your favorite authors(s) impact your writing?

Marianne: When a writer has a devout passion for their genre, I feel it shows in the story.  This might sound really weird, but many leading Characters have embedded themselves deep inside me so much, that I think I would know them personally if I passed them on the street.
JLD: If you were stranded on an island with one character from any book of your choice, who would it be and why?

Marianne: Oh Gosh … on an island you say? Hmmm … well it would have to definitely be a male character; I mean I did mention before that I like to write on the side of hot and spicy. Seeing I enjoyed *Beloved Vampire* - 2nd story in the Vampire Series by J W Hill -  I would think I could live out an eternity with Lord Mason.

After all, he’s a distinguished gentleman, been around for centuries, is handsome beyond belief, is a vampire of renown and knows exactly what a woman needs to be happy and fulfilled  ;)  …. I’m just not sure the *love-of-his-life* Jess, would appreciate the whole idea though. J

JLD: You can't spend your island time with Lord Mason. He's already stranded with me. *wicked grin*. You definitely have good taste with regard to romantic heroes. Hollywood called! They want to turn your novel into a movie or television series. If given the choice, who would you cast as your characters?

Marianne: Wow- how cool would that be and I’m ready to put forward 2 of my  favourite actors. Fort the part of Chad Whittaker I’d have Australia’s very own Handsome Hero, Hugh Jackman and one of the loveliest  ladies I adore to play Cally Foster, would be Scarlett Johansson - from *Girl with the Pearl Earring * fame. I love that movie!

JLD: *swoons* Hugh Jackman. Isn't he just the ideal hero? So...tell us about your novel!
Marianne: Hidden Passions is a 10K - Contemporary Erotic Romance Story set in Sydney.

It’s about two people, who the universe knows, were meant for each other, but by a quirk of fate, they never had the opportunity! So when the chance finally does come along, those damniable fates have once again placed several frustrating obstacles in their path.

If Cally and Chad want this relationship to work, hot sex is not going to be enough. If it’s true love they both want, then they are going to have to work hard to get it.

For those of us who’ve been following the series from the beginning, what can we expect from this installment?

Hidden Passions is a stand-alone novel chosen for a New series called HOT-DOWNUNDER.

They are a collection of 14 Erotic Stories by 14 Australian Authors, from Momentum books, the New Digital Imprint of Pan Macmillan Australia.

Each story is as varied as this large country and completely different from the other. Their common factors are they are set in Australia, each has a Steamy to Sizzling heat factor out of 5, and are all by Aussie Authors.

The first 5 Stories were released on the 1st November 2012, the next 4 stories came out recently, 1st December 2012, and the next 5 releases, are due on the 15th January 2013. Which I feel is going to be a very lucky year!!

Visitors & Readers can check out the other titles in this series here:

When a guy falls in love with a mate’s girl, there is only one thing he can do ... leave town.

Then Chad Whittaker receives a frantic call for help from the girl he loves; he gets on the next plane home to Sydney.

But will he get there in time?

Cally Foster just kicked her boyfriend’s no-good, lying, cheating ass out of her apartment and her life. That’s what a girl gets when she falls for the wrong guy.

 She made a terrible mistake and now she’s hot for the right guy.
 He’s here ... she’s free ... so why’s he holding back?

Want to get to know Chad & Cally? Here’s a  sneaky prelude to their story  - HIDDEN PASSIONS:

Cally left work early with a demanding migraine, hoping a few hours rest will make it disappear. But nothing can erase what she sees the minute she walks into her apartment ….

The silver candle-stick holder fit sturdy and comfortable in Cally’s hand. Her fingers flexed and re-positioned around the metal's smooth curves to give more control—not that she would really use it, she was passive by nature, but the effect worked so far ….

Her eyes narrowed and her body stirred with an incessant hunger as she stared at every inch of his naked muscled frame while he stood stone dead still. Her gaze moved up, became fixated on his deceivingly innocent face. For several minutes she felt like a frightened gazelle caught in a spot light, but when he moved a step closer the moment was shattered.

He was a fraud. A jerk. A two-timing looser.
So now you admit it to yourself.

She gripped the weapon with two hands now, pleased when he jumped back, knowing she meant business.

A restrained wariness spread as fast as grass fire over his handsome face. How could everything about this man appear so perfect? What made her think she was the luckiest woman alive because he was hers?

 “Now Pumpkin … let’s talk.”

“Don’t you dare ‘pumpkin me’ you two timing, low-life gutter snake. You so much as move and I swear I’ll put those Kung-Fu  lessons you made me take to good use. Just be lucky it’s not anything sharp, cause at the moment I want to do nothing more than castrate your dick and boil it in fat till there’s not enough left to feed the worms.”

“Look, it really wasn't what you think pumpkin.”

“I said don’t call me that.”  Cally screamed. Thank god for wallpaper, it had to be the only thing holding the plaster together. “You sacrificed that right when you filled the bitch’s throat with your cum.”

Bet he’s regretting those lessons right about now. She’d excelled at using nun-chukers! She watched him dive to the left, swipe up a pillow and pressed it firmly against his man-whoring groin—terrified. She let go a menacing chuckle.

“Ok, Ok, I won’t. Jesus Cally just be reasonable for a minute and let me explain, okay Honey?”

She hissed, “I’m not your honey.” She jabbed hard and he put out his hand in defense. Metal collided with bone and flesh.

“Christ, be careful will ya?” The finger went straight to his mouth.

Here he was, a self-confident man not easily given over to bowing and scraping to the demands made by many men, and fewer females, and now he was cringing and sweating before her. Serves him right the low belly, swine.

“How’s it feel honey, having a thoroughly pissed off woman who once loved you, trusted you.” Just as well he kept his mouth shut. “And to think I almost didn't come home.”

“I know, you weren't supposed to be home.” He said through gritted teeth.

“Oh right, how thoughtless of me. You’re no better than a snake in the grass. Or should I say snake in her mouth.”

Cally closed her eyes for a millisecond. Holy mother! She’ll never be able to sit on that couch again without seeing the image imprinted in triplicate.

The naked woman on her back, on Cally’s couch. Red finger nails dug deep into her lover’s buttocks as he crouched astride her head, both his large hands full of those silicon-filled rocks on her chest, keeping him balanced and steady as he serviced her mouth with his full erection.

This was more than a party trick. Stanton wasn't small—and yet the whore had no trouble accommodating his size!

How long had they been practicing this maneuver? No-one could possibly learn that in the first sitting.



You can read more in the next 2 exerpts on Marianne’s Blog site:

JLD: Fantastic prelude, Marianne! Are there any other projects you’re working on?

Marianne: Yes, there are. I have recently finished a 15K Paranormal Story, which I hope to submit early next year. And I am currently working on A Series of 3 Historical Novels, set in the 1850’s off the Ivory Coast of Africa. These are dark tales about treachery, slavery, and passion. Where love will not be denied, but is almost as unattainable as reaching the stars. 
As well as my Historical MS’s, I have A series of Short Stories under-way,  and it is all about Angels, Romance & the lives they affect! Oh and there’s a lot of Hot Naughty Stuff going on in between!  ;)

 JLD: Where can our readers find you? 
Marianne: You can find Marianne Theresa (MT ) in lots of places:


Thanks so much for helping me share my very first published story, Jae Lynne!

As a thank you to your visiting guests I have 3 giveaways!

1 gift pack (includes a free book of HIDDEN PASSIONS) 
2 free copies of my new e-book.

Just leave a comment to my question at the end of this post, with your e-mail address so I can contact you, and I’ll have Jae Lynne choose the lucky winners at random.

What would you do, if You were in Cally’s shoes on that fateful afternoon?

Be original, be sneaky, be devilish …..
Winners will be announced on January 4, 2013. Good luck!


Kez said...

I'll have to help you audition Hugh Jackman :)

Great interview Marianne!

S E Gilchrist said...

Your book sounds fascinating, Marianne and so true to life, for sometimes lovers do take a while to get together. Great learning more about you and wow, the number of writing projects you have on your plate. Congratulations on your new release, and hope this next year will be filled with more fabulous news.
No need to put me in the draw, as I already have reserved a copy of Hidden Passions:).

Moira said...

Hey MT, Waiting impatiently for you book. Now what would I do in Caaly's place, Tackle the guy tie him up and torture him till he....

So happy for you on getting published!!


Anonymous said...

Can't wait to read your novella MT sound great.

bn100 said...

Congrats on the book! I'd throw him out.


Stacey Nash said...

I can't wait to read this story. It sounds great!

Linda said...

Hi Marianne,
Congratulations on your new release. I love the predicament and am looking forward to the read. Enjoyed your interview!

Anonymous said...

Sounds a great read, thanks for sharing first excerpt.
What would I do if I was Cally?
Grab him by his "Willy", pull him outside, or push him out the door and let him loose. No clothes would show up his true self.

Marianne Theresa said...

Hi Jae,
Thanks once more for having me along, although I do believe there could be a protocol of letting a guest have the character of her Choice 1st! LOL
Although I would be inclined to share Lord Mason, if you think he would be Man enough to handle the 2 of us together.

December 28, 2012 11:59 PM

Marianne Theresa said...

It is so nice to see the lovely Aussies who made the ocean crossing to visit here :)
Oh Kez, there won't have to be an interview. I've already written and told Jack he's up for the role LOL.
Nice offer though.

Marianne Theresa said...

Hi SE, yes I agree, not all HEA relationships are the first sight ones. History is a great testament to that :)
Well, if my plate stays full - then hopefully I'll never starve - LOL.

Marianne Theresa said...

Oh SE I meant to add..... My DS sent me a text the other day, (god love him ...he hates reading - let alone a romance,) and he said.... "I've just pre-ordered your book."
SO thanks - that makes 2 sales .. EL James eat your heart out. hahahhahahhaha

Marianne Theresa said...

Hi Moira *waving*
So glad you made it here. :)
I think you and I are thinking on the same lines of cheating partners :):)

Marianne Theresa said...

Thanks for visiting Sandie.
Although not quite a Novella, Hidden Passions quite possibly could have headed that way :)

Marianne Theresa said...

We are so both on the same page with the scoundrel's outcome.
Good luck in the draw and Thank you for stopping by.

Marianne Theresa said...

Hi Stace & Linda,
Wonderful to have you ladies visit Jae-Lynne's site (check out her books while you are here)
Thanks for the encouragement and support.

Marianne Theresa said...

Hi Anonymous
Interesting style of taking charge of the situation & I'm sure Cally would readily approve too. Left outdoors naked - and especially if was winter.

It's a whole new experience putting yourself OUT THERE among the time honored authors. And a privilege to offer a tiny excerpt.

Kariss Stone said...

Fantastic interview Marianne and can't wait to read your story. It sounds fantastic, so true to life. Well done on your first published story. I know it will be one of many! :)

Deborah Challinor said...

Hi Marianne, great to see you and Hidden Passions 'guesting' half way around the world! Can't wait to get reading.

Deborah Challinor said...

Hi Marianne - really looking forward to reading 'Hidden Passions', especially if you're a fan of Joey W Hill!!!

Marianne Theresa said...

HI Kariss
Thanks for your words of support and encouragement. It means a lot to me.

Marianne Theresa said...

Good evening Deborah,
and they have my kind of climate going on over here at the moment, too. I always tell my USA friends that one year I'm going to house swap with them. Let's see how they Really like the heat lol .... although in our winter the tables are turned LOL.
And thanks for the encouragement, praise form a writer of your caliber is graciously accepted. But as reverent as I am of J W Hill's books (as you and anyone who well knows me :)) I doubt I shall ever measure up there. But as long as I make a move along the writing highway in my own way... that's all I ask. :)
Thanks for popping over.

Marianne Theresa said...

Apparently Amazon stuck with the original Release date and the next 5 stories in the Hot-Downunder series were available as previously advertised 1st January 2013.
SO that is good news except ..... they FORGOT to tell US lol...

Seeing it's an earlier release, I'll be contacting Jae-Lynne and announce the lucky winners :)
Stay tuned :)

Marianne Theresa said...

Thanks to all the guests who came and made my book release fun and exciting.

The winner of the gift pack is
♪♪♪♪*drum roll*♪♪♪♪
The next winner of a free copy of Hidden Passions is
And the 3rd winner of another free copy is:
Anonymous... (if I receive your e-mail address :) )
Congratulations ... & I shall be contacting those winners ASAP.

My sincere thanks to Jae-Lynne for being a most accommodating host.

But I still get to have Lord Mason to myself for at least a week though ... right? :)

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