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Thursday, December 6, 2012

Holiday Giveaway Time!

Happy Holidays!

It's been a wild year and I wanted to thank all of you for your continued support and enthusiasm! Apologies for the silence lately, but I've had to bury my head in 'Desires of a Dark Lord'. While I finish the story and prepare for the third installment in the Mythic series, 'Ashes of Reckoning', I wanted to announce what I hope will be a fun giveaway!

The prize? Only the greatest basket of paranormal holiday goodness EVER, including an autographed copy of BLOOD MOON, a bottle of Dante red wine, red velvet cupcake mix, and several selections from vampire Nicholas Sutton's hometown of Cape May, New Jersey (including a lighthouse ornament, red glittered sand dollar, salt water taffy, a hand painted wine glass, and other collectibles).

How to win? Answer the following questions:

Who should Gianna Marino spend Christmas with this year? Why?

Which secondary Mythic series character should have their story told next?

Alternate entry:

Haven't read anything in the Mythic series? Read, review, and post the link to your review here to be entered to win!

Must be 21 years of age to enter. The winner will be chosen on December 20th!

Have fun and good luck!


LadyDeathLace said...

as for who she should spend christmas.. Nick of course.. true love always wins out in the end

and as for the secondary characters.. my pick is the twins.. who know what kind of trouble you can have when there is two of a kind around
mladycammy at yahoo dot ca

Anonymous said...

She should spend the holidays with her parents, give them some time to bond.
I'd love to learn more about Dante's cousin. He was awesome!

Moira said...

Christmas with Nick in NOLA at the Royal Soresta.
Seceondary character, Dregan, also Jae I think an off shoot series of the shifters would be great!!

Terry said...

Happy Holidays Jae Lynne! I bet you think I'm going to say Gianna should spend Christmas with Nicholas. But seeing how this time of year should be spent with loved ones I'm going to have to say Mattias. *quickly pulls a chair over so Jae Lynne doesn't fall down* Mattias does have a lot of people who work and want him but not really any one who you could consider family. Well except Dante but I'm sure he and Allyn want to spend their first Christmas as a couple with just themselves. *wink* And I have to admit Gianna and Mattias do have feelings (confused but still) for each other. If they were to maybe get snowed in say up in Aspen, Colorado in one of the lovely mansions, with a heated garage, they could work *wicked evil grin* things out.

As for who should have their story told next I have to agree with Moira. It is Dregan. *growls* A shape shifter series from you would be great reading. *hint hint*

Happy Holidays to you and yours Jae Lynne!!

RebeliousAngel said...

Who should Gianna Marino spend Christmas with this year? Nichols Why? The way Him and Gianna react to each other

Which secondary Mythic series character should have their story told next? Dante, because how many peeops stand up to Mattiais

Jolene and Family said...

I am going with Nicholas of course because I'm a sucker for true love!

Hmm, secondary character...hard to choose but I'm leaning towards Dregan.


Pyper541 said...

Another truce, get them all together at a private party in the club and see what happens... And I'm not just talking in the bedroom! One night only everyone welcome no drama, being immortal they can put all differences aside one night.

Pyper541 said...

Secondary character Cassius, he's seen all the changes in the club and is now second in command but we don't know much about him.

Jae Lynne Davies said...

Wow! So many wonderful answers!

Seems like the majority would like to see Gianna spend the holidays with Nicholas. Moira, you know G & N are on their way to NOLA (wink, wink).

Glad to hear you all enjoyed Dregan. You're in luck! His story is in the works.

LadyDeathLace, you've given me something to think about with the Anthony twins. I'll keep them in mind and see if something begins to boil.

kittyb, her parents were a wonderful suggestion and I hope they do continue to work on a deep connection. I think we can see them heading toward that bond.

Terry, not sure if Gianna and Mattias would ever see the outside of that Aspen mansion!

RebeliousAngel, you're in luck! Dante's story has already been told in 'Blood Moon'. Hope you have the chance to read the story.

Jolene, don't we enjoy seeing true love during the holiday season? Nicholas is such a good choice.

Pyper, wouldn't you like to be a fly on the wall for that gathering? The tension! Cassius's story is coming soon. A storyline just presented itself and an outline is being created!

Stories on deck: Xantara & John (you'll meet them in Ashes of Reckoning), Dregan, Cassius, and Elizabeth (Nicholas's sis). Those are in NO particular order if you're looking for potential spoilers. :P

Because this was such a tough decision, I decided to go with a random selection process. The winner (chosen at random) is...Terry!

Congrats, girl! To the rest of you: Keep your eye on this blog for more giveaways! Thanks so much for playing and happy holidays!