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Saturday, May 19, 2012

Sex Scene Saturday - Round Two!

Happy Saturday!

It's round two of the author blog event, 'Sex Scene Saturday'! Remember to check out the other authors I've listed below for an additional peek at some amazing work that's sure to spice up your weekend!

I encourage you to comment on the excerpt I'm about to post (be sure to include your email address) as I'll choose one winner each week to receive a digital copy of the full-length story. Not too bad, huh? At the conclusion of the event (round 4), I'll have something special for the winning commenter. You'll  want to stick around to see what I have in store!

Without further delay, here's another excerpt from my novel, MYTHIC...

Gianna Marino and Mattias Vitale entered his penthouse on the highest level of the building. He led her to his bedchamber, and allowed her to enter first. Gianna stared at his bed, having second thoughts. When she turned to face him, he’d already removed his shirt. He didn’t waste any time. She cast a slow, hot gaze and knew she was a goner, but continued to play the game.

God, she’d dreamed of gripping those broad shoulders. Every single detail of his body bulged with perfection exactly where necessary. And the art, hugging his entire right side, from his neck to his hip was simply delicious.

Her heart raced. She nearly salivated. Damn, the man was ripped and she wanted to trace the detail of his tattoo with her tongue. She was hot all over, dripping with arousal. Shit. She wanted him.

Actually, it wasn’t him she wanted. No, it could be anyone with that body, charm, and hint of diabolic aura. Yeah right. She was done for.

She thought of this moment too often. His muscular build pressed against hers, her resistance dwindling as she grew weak, unable to hold back when she reached the breaking point, begging him to take her and do what he wished. But he’s a coward, a murderer. Isn’t he? Why? Why did he have to live up to her fantastical expectation?

Relax. You’re just using him and that delectable body.

There he stood, in a position meant to seduce, to overpower. He looked deep into her eyes with a ravishing glare that made her knees weak and smirked in spite of himself, curling one corner of his lip into an evil grin. “We’ll eventually end up in the bed.”

She cocked an eyebrow. “Eventually?”

Just then, he kissed her so fiercely that her head spun in a passionate haze. Moaning at the taste of him, she tried to put forth the effort of a struggle but felt herself being pulled in, beginning to lose control. Secretly, she loved the taste of the alcohol on his breath. It drove her mad as her tongue longed for the flavor.

He lifted her against the wall and bound her hands with his own, pinning her with his body. Locked. Trapped. Foreplay. Who had the upper hand in their game of seduction? The roles began to blur. He released her hands. But before he lowered her to her feet, she’d removed his belt and unfastened the button on his black pants.

She pulled him close, placing her hands on his back. Not a single inch of him was soft. Duly noted when he pressed his lips to hers as he unzipped her dress. The garment floated to the floor, revealing the sexy black lace underneath. They were both breathing heavily.
“I’ve been waiting for this for a long time,” he panted.

She smiled, hoping to keep her wits about her. “And you’ve been patient.”

He leaned his forehead against hers, towering over her with a six inch advantage. “I want you so badly Gianna, you do realize I could hurt you.”

She tugged at his unbuttoned pants, an aggressive move on her part. “I’m hoping that you do.”
“It will be difficult to use restraint. You have no idea what you do to me.”

“Show me.”

He leaned in for another heated lip lock before she interrupted. “First, I have one condition.”

He sighed. “Of course you do…what is it?”

“No biting. Not tonight.”

His eyes widened and he backed away to meet her gaze. “You have got to be kidding!”

Didn’t she? To expect this sort of control when all he wanted to do was lose it? If she hadn’t made him  wait  so  long  he  could  almost  guarantee  his  resistance,  but  he  hoped  she’d  reconsider.  He imagined her blood tasted as good as her body, but if he couldn’t have both, right now, he’d settle for one. He’d have her blood later. She would eventually beg him to taste her. He was that sure of himself.

Gianna knew this was his greatest challenge but she needed something over him, something that could keep him under control, her control, until the time came to play her ace. She knew that asking was nothing short of cruelty, but took her chances and made the request. Hell, if he was as good a lover as he was a cunning, lying, killer, she might offer herself to him on a platter. “Not kidding. Can you control yourself for me? I promise I’ll make it worth your while.”

He leaned into her, pressing his rock-hard erection into her hip. “You don’t make things easy, Gianna.”

“Baby, nothing worthwhile is easy, but if you don’t agree I’ll understand. We can always wait for another—”

“No. No more waiting. Too long have I watched you, wanted you while not being able to touch you. It has been nothing short of excruciating and I’m through with it.

“I guess we have a deal, then?”

He never answered. He took hold of her with a fervent kiss. She almost felt guilty for making him feel this way.

Do I want to be with him?

It was debatable. He exuded undeniable sex appeal. But she knew her reasons for engaging in this situation. She wanted to forget Nicholas, trying to heal her broken, beating heart, and all because she desired to be closer to him. She wanted to erase him from memory as if she wasn’t partly responsible for giving him the green light. Now she’d seduce Mattias to fill the void in a moment of desperate contact.

After savoring every inch of her lips, Mattias reached her neck and collarbone. He tilted her neck and slowly licked the area where he’d typically sink his sharp teeth. There was something to be said for anticipation as he felt a shiver through her body by simply touching the forbidden area, teasing it by testing the boundaries. Then he kissed the same area and grazed ever so lightly with his fangs. He earned a sound of approval.

Deliberately disobedient, he turned her on. She was primed and ready. “Are you going to violate the terms of our deal, Mattias?”

His body pressed against hers, his breathing ragged. “I should. Really, I should. I want to taste you and drain you of every last drop but I think I’ll give it a few more minutes. That’s how long it should take until I have you begging.” His confidence made her ache in every place that was distinctly female, making her so damn hot.

He felt the blood rushing through her veins as he ran his tongue over her warm flesh. Only a thin layer of skin separated his life force from hers, and the thought nearly caused him to lose his sense of reasoning. He could taste the sweetness through her skin and smell the blood on her breath. The distinct sound of her tripled heartbeat confirmed her fading inhibitions. Once he was inside her, she’d want it. It was only a matter of time before he would bind himself to her and her to him. Just one bite and I’ll have everything. Power, a kingdom and a queen.

His cool touch ignited her lust as he raised Gianna’s toned legs, wrapping them around his waist. He lifted her to the bed and managed to shed the remaining lace garments from her body. He appraised her with a stare that burned. Then he grinned and proceeded with a penetrating kiss.

He held her so tightly that she thought she’d choke on elation. His naked body was exactly how she imagined all the way down to his substantial erection. She swore her eyes bugged at the size of him, but he didn’t seem to notice. Listening to his low growls of victory, she traced the planes of his back with the tips of her fingers, earning an ecstatic groan. She’d passed the point of no return. It was impossible to end things now.

Drunk. She was drunk on the aroma. His scent, a provocative hint of amber and woods, compared to rolling around naked amidst crisp autumn foliage. His hands migrated all over her body and she lost track of his movement. He caressed her hip, teased the deep valley of her breasts, and tangled himself in her honeysuckle-infused locks. Ten fingers pulling, demanding. Fuck. He was right. And no, she didn’t care who he was or what he’d done.

Hard kisses crawled higher and she made an offering, a pulsating temptation. She tilted her neck further...further, felt the warmth of his proximity and braced herself with bated breath. Ringing. The chimes of victory, warning bells? No.

His cell phone rang.

Saved by the glorious sound of modern technology, their intimacy interrupted. In a flash, the phone was in his hand.

“What the hell did I tell him?” he sneered.

“What is it Dante? Someone had better be dying.” He paused.

“He’s on the move? So, bring him in. …Why do you need me?” Another pause. "Fine, I’ll be right there.”

Mattias ended his call with a slam of his phone, less than thrilled. But as luck would have it, either by coincidence or in a fit of jealousy, Dante saved her.

Mattias sighed in dismay. “I have to handle something. I won’t be long. Promise me you’ll be right here when I return because I am not finished with you. In fact, I hope you don’t have anything planned for this evening because you’ll be busy warming my bed.”

She pouted, firing his libido. “I’ll do my best. In the meantime, let me give you something to come back to.”

She pulled him on top of her, kissing him passionately. Nothing compared to the way his tongue worked hers. Grasping his shoulders, she spread her thighs, allowing his painful erection to caress the warmth between them, and he growled at the contact. As much as she tried to convince herself that she was teasing him, she wanted it, silently begging him to penetrate and ease the aching. “Stay with me Mattias. I need to feel your strength inside me.”

He trailed his way down her fit body until he stood at the foot of the bed and aggressively pulled her hips to the edge to meet his. He stepped back for a moment to admire the one woman he wanted with every part of his being. He was in awe of her beauty. Every inch of her was bare to him now and she was a goddess, his goddess. She alone could be his eternal bliss or his ultimate ruin. Tonight he intended to show her just how much she was missing. Upon his return, there would be no interruptions, no abrupt reason for either one of them to part ways.

Mattias leaned over Gianna and, with his hands, eased his way into the flesh where she yearned for him. Amazed by how primed she was, he wanted her more than anything, even power. He inserted two fingers deep inside of her and she screamed in ecstasy. His erection grew more painful as he thrust his hand deeper, watching her face, throwing her head back as he pleased her. She looked down at him with starvation in her eyes when he withdrew and licked his wet fingers with a murmur of approval.

“Mmm.” His eyes pierced hers. “Even better than I thought.”

His phone rang again.

“Damn it! Please tell me this is someone’s idea of a sick fucking joke. Someone will pay…dearly.”

“Mattias please don’t go. I can’t wait. I need you.” She wanted this now before she lost her nerve.

“Baby you know that I wouldn’t leave this,” his eyes swept over her, “unless it was important.”

“Oh this is so cruel, Mattias.” She balled her hands into fists and took her anger out on the mattress.

“Now you know how I feel on a daily basis. I’ve been walking around for over a year with a constant hard on that you caused, but trust me baby, this is hurting me far worse than it’s hurting you.”

She looked down at his huge erection with wide hungry eyes. “You know, I can take care of that for you.”

She lowered her gaze and smiled at both the impressive specimen and the meticulous grooming habit. She pulled him close, pushed him onto the bed, and lowered her mouth to his shaft. Suction increased as she covered him, sliding from root to tip. Although unexpected, she enjoyed the salty taste of him, the velvet feel of his cock on her tongue, and it felt too good to play with fire. He cupped her head as she worked him and moaned with such guttural agony, unlike any sound she’d ever heard.


God, she was talented as she continued to take more of him. The way her tongue teased, left him balling the sheets in his fists to fight back the urge to release over a year of frustration. So close. Oh yes, Dante would pay for this!

Mattias reluctantly withdrew from her. Confused, she looked at him. “What’s wrong Mattias?”

“I’ll tell you what’s wrong, I’m hard, you’re wet, and we’re still teasing each other. It’s torture, Gianna.”

“Well, what do you suggest?”

He wanted her and didn’t want to wait any longer. But he knew his time was limited due to Dante’s urgency, and he wanted no intrusions. Mattias wanted to take his time, for the moment to be perfect and he would in fact, turn her tonight, with or without her permission. Consequences be damned.

“We’ll resume this when I return. In the meantime, I want you to conserve your energy...because baby, I promise you’re going to need it.”

He stood and dressed himself quickly while taking the time to admire what he was leaving. He shook his head in disbelief that he finally had her in his bed and was being called away. Dante could handle the urgent situation on his own while Mattias indulging himself with Gianna. But if he wanted things dealt with correctly and didn’t want to appear weak, he needed to be the one to see it through.

Fully dressed, he crawled on top of her and claimed her mouth. Gianna pulled back, slightly.

“Isn’t there anything I can do to convince you to stay with me?” She reached her hand inside his pants and cupped him.

He growled at her expert touch. “You’re relentless.”

“Yes and don’t you just love it?”

“More than you’ll ever know.”

He kissed her deeply as she played with him. “I have to…go. I promise…won’t be long.” He delivered one more scalding kiss and had a sinking feeling he was going to regret leaving her as he exited the room.

Mythic is available at:

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Terry said...

Damn!!! I should have left this scene for before I went to bed *fans self* The dreams it would have incited. *moves in front of the open freezer door*

liss3 said...

One of my favourite scenes in the story. Can't wait to hear more about Dante in Blood Moon.

Moira said...

Hot, Hot,, Hot!! Damn technology.

Jae Lynne Davies said...

The winner of round two (chosen at random) is...MOIRA. Since I'm quite sure you already have the novel, I'm going to send you a different prize. How about a Blood Moon coffee mug and other new book swag? And since you're the first person to receive any of the new swag, it's something to be excited about for sure! Congrats!