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Saturday, May 26, 2012

Sex Scene Saturday -- Round 3!

Welcome to round three of 'Sex Scene Saturday'. This week, I've decided to post a scene from my short story, The Contract. This story can be found in volume five of Tease Publishing's ongoing anthology, Love's Immortal Pantheon.

Comments are welcome and encouraged as I'll give away a PDF copy of the short story to one lucky commenter. The winner will be announced on Friday. In the meantime, why not check out other scenes from the various authors participating in the event? You might even find your next favorite author once you've read the phenomenal material!

For those of you in the USA, I hope you enjoy the festivities of Memorial Day Weekend! If you want to curl up with a new book, The Contract is available now at Amazon (print format) and in digital format at ARe!

      Diana watched carefully as Cole Hunter rummaged through his father’s things, looking for anything she could recognize. She made a note of some ancient Egyptian gold, extraordinary works of art, even Pompeian pottery. Cole’s father really knew what to treasure.

Then she saw it—an opalescent amulet. Her amulet, one she’d lost centuries ago in a battle that would’ve claimed her life had it not been for assistance from the goddess Minerva. It was that very day she agreed to be the huntress for Jupiter. She was his contract killer, hunting all of those who meant harm to the pantheon. She’d fulfilled her duties mercilessly ever since.
It had been ages since she’d last seen the exquisite piece of jewelry—a gift from Venus that allowed her to teleport safely back to her own realm. She’d developed the ability to transport on her own since the loss of the necklace, but she never forgot the power the center stone held. If Cole figured out how to use the amulet, he’d gain firsthand knowledge of the pantheon. It was no wonder Jupiter wanted Cole dead. The very thought was frightening. “This is a lovely piece, Cole,” she said, touching the amulet.
“Yes, it’s my personal favorite. It was said to have belonged to a goddess,” he said, brushing over her hand.
She pulled away quickly and braced herself against the desk. “You believe in the gods?”
   “We’d be ignorant to believe that humans are the only creatures to exist,” he admitted.
“You speak as though you know their existence as fact instead of mere speculation.”
             He inched closer. She felt the heat of his body, smelled the spice of alcohol on his breath. “I know for a fact that a goddess stands before me,” he said.
Her eyes widened at his words. How could he know? “What do you mean?” she asked. She had to know for sure.
“I’ve never met anyone like you, Diana. I know we don’t know each other, and this might sound insane, but I’ve enjoyed being with you more in these few hours than I have with anyone in years. Trust me, I know how crazy it sounds, but it’s saying a lot. I don’t let anyone get close,” he said.
She knew the feeling. Before she registered what was happening, Cole closed the space between them. He caressed her face with the palms of both hands and crushed his lips against hers. It was wrong, forbidden, but she couldn’t stop. Gods help her, she didn’t want to stop.
            He deepened his kiss and his tongue breached her lips, dancing with hers. She loved the masculine taste of him, and had no idea what was happening, but she couldn’t get enough. Her hands found his shirt and she broke away from his lips long enough to remove the garment. The man was a work of art with a body to die for. The luscious expanse of his chest and chiseled abdomen caused her to ache terribly and grow moist between her legs. She wanted him. No, she needed him. And for once in her life, she was going to indulge in all of the pleasures she’d been denied her entire existence.
     Cole couldn’t do this in his father’s study. He wouldn’t cheapen the experience with Diana by taking her like the other girls he’d bedded. This time, it was going to be different. Because this time, it felt different.
He carried her to the bedroom and placed her gently on her feet. Next, he lifted Diana’s shirt over her head and unzipped her pants, leaving her in a white satin bra and panties. He divested himself of what remained of his clothing and stood naked before her. Never had he felt the maddening need to be with a woman so badly. At the moment, he was convinced that if he wasn’t inside Diana soon, he’d surely die. He jerked her tight against him and reached around to unhook her bra, allowing it to fall to the floor.
           He swallowed hard at the sight of her before him. Her dark brown eyes were warm and inviting. Bountiful breasts gave way to the sexiest hourglass figure he’d ever seen. She looked divine with the way her auburn hair draped over her shoulders, cascading over pink nipples. Then a fantasy came to mind that he dared to request.
He reached into his pocket and removed the amulet. “I would love for you to wear this. Only this,” he said as he displayed the necklace in his hand.
She arched a brow then smiled. “I’d be honored. Are you sure? It seems so delicate and—”
“Fit for a goddess,” he interrupted.
“Which would be ridiculous considering I’m far from one,” she said, caressing the jewel.
“I can’t think of anyone else who could do it justice.”
Diana turned around, her back facing Cole. She lifted her hair as he fastened the clasp of the chain then faced him. “It’s perfect,” he said.
He led her to the king-sized bed, neatly dressed in dark blue linens, and laid her down atop the mattress. At the edge of the bed, he dropped to one knee and pressed his lips to the soft top of her foot. Next, he traveled upward to her calf and worked his way to her knee, dragged his tongue over the creamy smooth skin of her thigh until arriving at her hip. Feelings of uncertainty swept through his mind, as he lingered over her white satin panties—the only piece of clothing that remained between them.
After several seconds of internal debate, Cole glided his fingers beneath her waistband and slowly pulled the satin material downward. In a swift move, Diana placed her hand over his. “Cole...I…,” she sighed.
He paused and met her gaze. "Diana, would it matter to you that I'd give my life just for the chance to make love to you, right now?"
She released his hand, a sign he took as silent permission. He pulled the garment over her knees, to her ankles then threw it to the floor. “You are so beautiful,” he said, sliding his hands up her legs.
He crawled up her body and found her mouth. His lips skated over hers. He loved the way she lingered on his lower lip, nibbling for just a few seconds longer. Gods, Diana could kiss. No complaints would be voiced if he could kiss her forever, uninterrupted.
Despite the fact he wanted to remain in a permanent lip lock with the goddess, there were other flavors he wanted to sample. He descended her body and found her breasts. Lingering over them for a moment he leaned close and suckled the taut peak of left nipple. Careful to give each one equal attention, he moved to the right, and earned a sharp breath through clenched teeth from Diana. Oh yeah, she liked it. And he was just getting started.
Soft moans escaped her lips as Cole grazed his tongue over the soft flesh of her abdomen. A tender kiss delivered to her stomach and her hand found his hair with a gentle grip. The sound of her breath quickened as he continued downward over her navel to the light trace of hair covering the delicate folds he longed to explore. He pressed his mouth to the crease of her sex and parted the flesh with his tongue, seeking a more intimate taste of Diana.
Pleasure-filled cries pierced his ears as she writhed in ecstasy. The woman tasted unlike any other he’d ever experienced. Incredible. Gods he couldn’t get enough as she increased pressure against his head, urging him on.
Inexplicable desires possessed her thoughts and new sensations controlled her body. If Cole dared to stop now, she’d smite him for his mistake. The heat of his breath against her and the pressure of his tongue on her tense bundle of nerves drove her mad. The feel of his facial hair against the inside of her thigh was exactly how she’d fantasized. But something else was happening that she couldn’t explain.
Tension mounted in a place she never knew existed and she enjoyed every second of it. “Ah,” she moaned, reveling in the feel of the man’s clever mouth against her. His tongue moved in a torturous pattern. She gripped the sheet beneath her naked body and balled her hands into fists. Then she burst into what seemed like a thousand sparks with the experience of her first orgasm.
Still her breath was short and sharp. She yearned for more of Cole. He crawled up her body and claimed her lips. The taste of herself on his mouth fired her libido once more, and he was not ignorant of the signs, “I want you, Diana. Let me inside. I want to hear my name on your lips the next time you come.”
She gaped at his words, a near command, and parted her thighs in invitation. Fractions of a second later, she felt the tip of his cock pressed against her. She sensed him holding back, hesitating to give her his all.
Finally, he pressed forward and drove himself inside. Long, thick and filling her completely, she winced at the brief moment of pain as he penetrated her virginal seal. But the discomfort soon turned into unspeakable pleasure. She snapped her head backward and panted in sweet bliss.
Cole’s powerful thrusts rocked her to the very core. But his victorious growls made her want to surrender everything, even her godhood, to be his. The thought cued the familiar sense of climbing a cliff ever so slowly before standing dangerously close to the edge. He felt too good, too right and she couldn’t hold on much longer.
Emphatic moans escaped Cole’s lips. “Oh baby, I am so close. But I refuse to come before you do,” he said and flashed a sexy grin. He sought her lips once more to deliver a smoldering kiss capable of melting the polar ice caps, and thrust to his hilt. In an instant, she came screaming his name.
“Oh thank the gods,” he said, nearly breathless. Seconds later he met his own climax, spilling his seed deep inside her. 
Sweaty and spent, they lay on the bed, their limbs intertwined. In a moment of insecurity, Diana stood and began to dress. “What are you doing?” Cole asked.
She looked at him while stepping into her panties. “I thought I’d leave,” she said.
He reached for her hand, “Don’t. Please stay,” he implored.
She slouched and met his gaze. The sincerity in his eyes melted her heart and though she knew the thought was absurd, she wanted to stay as well. “Cole, this is crazy. We barely know each other,” she said.
“You want to know what’s even crazier?” he asked, then stood before her.
“What’s that?” she asked.
“I don’t want to let you go. And I’m afraid that if I do, I’ll never see you again,” he admitted and pulled her toward the bed. “Please stay with me,” he begged once more.
Diana swallowed past the enormous lump in her throat. Never in her life had she felt so wanted. Cole’s request was genuine. That much she knew. Killing Cole Hunter was going to be the most difficult mission she’d ever have to complete.

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