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Monday, February 20, 2012

Welcome Author Jessica Aspen

Welcome, Jessica!

Tell us a bit about yourself.

Jessica: Thanks for having me as your guest today, Jae Lynne. I live in Colorado near the foothills of the Rocky Mountains and Boulder. I love to go hiking and am outside nearly every day. Between writing and just keeping up with life I’m pretty busy, but I still try to make time to do some of the other things I love, like read and cook.

Jae Lynne:  In which genres do you write?

Jessica:  I write paranormal romance, but I’m playing with some books that might lean into urban fantasy. Little Red Riding Wolf isn’t that dark though. It’s a twisted fairy tale with lots of tongue in cheek references to the original fairy tale as well as some hot romance.

Jae Lynne: What inspires you to write?

Jessica:  This series was inspired by fairy tales and all the possibilities within fairy tales. I began reading twisted fairy tales years ago and I love the idea that we can take a classic story and make it our own. This particular story also had a good dose of inspiration from where I live; Colorado, the Rocky Mountains and the fact that we don’t have wolves (due to the settlers killing them all) also played into the creation of Little Red Riding Wolf.

Jae Lynne: How do you choose names for your characters?

Jessica:  Red’s name was pretty easy. I kept thinking I should change it, but it stuck. Why explain a nickname, especially in a novella where every word counts? Evan’s name just came to me. I don’t know why, but that’s his name. You might have to ask him if he knows. For most of my other characters I go through a baby name site and look at where they come from and their meanings. Sometimes it takes a while, but they all get named in the end.

Jae Lynne:  What is your favorite type of character to write? Do you have a personal favorite amongst your own characters?

Jessica:  I love to write characters with conflicts, true inner conflicts that make the story roll fast. I am writing the sequel to Little Red Riding Wolf right now about the villain, or erstwhile villain of the story. In the sequel Seth becomes the hero, and that makes for a very twisty plot.

Jae Lynne:  Do you have any advice for aspiring authors?

Jessica:  Keep writing, keep submitting. I should add “Never give up. Never surrender.” (Churchill), because I quote that all the time, but it’s true. Those with persistence succeed. Use your moments of adversity as motivation instead of a reason to give up and I’ll be seeing you here on Jae Lynne’s blog next!

Jae Lynne:  Who is/are your favorite author(s)?

Jessica:  I like Jessa Slade, Eve Silver, Jeanne Stein, LKHamilton and Sherilyn Kenyon. All authors with dark twisted heros. See a pattern here? Little Red’s hero Evan isn’t as dark, but Seth (from the sequel) is very dark and twisted.

Jae Lynne:  How do/does your favorite authors(s) impact your writing?

Jessica:  I love to read a very good book when I’m writing, it makes the words flow. Sometimes I’ll pick up an old favorite and re-read it, just to get the mood going. Love reading for inspiration.

Jae Lynne:  If you were stranded on an island with one character from any book of your choice, who would it be and why? :

Jessica:  Oh, this one’s tough. I don’t think I can choose. You see, making decisions can be very difficult for me. You should see me trying to hang pictures, my husband gets very irritated because I think any decision that permanent requires great thought. Luckily he’s the type to push me to decide. Otherwise we’d have bare walls and likely no marriage!

Jae Lynne:  Hollywood called! They want to turn your novel into a movie or television series. If given the choice, who would you cast as your characters?

Jessica:  I think this is always a toughie. Allison Scagliotti from Warehouse Thirteen would make a fantastic Red. As for Evan, I can’t chose. Oh my. Another decision?

Jae Lynne:  Tell us about your novel!

Jessica:  Little Red Riding Wolf is the story of a young female werewolf, Red, who is frustrated with her family’s expectations. When she discovers a very sexy human male she decides he’s just the way she can blow off a little steam. But things get out of hand quickly, and not only does it turn out that Evan is someone she can fall deeply in love with, but he’s also dangerous to her pack. Red has to decide if loyalty to her pack is more important than her newly discovered passion.


Fraternizing with humans is taboo, but when feisty werewolf Red runs into hunky new forest ranger Evan Brewster, she jumps on the opportunity to let loose her desires. Evan is stoked when he meets the petite red haired hottie, and combined with his new discovery of wolves in Colorado, thinks his career and life are made. Then Red pushes him away, her hostile brother threatens his life, and things begin to spiral out of control. Caught between her sexy lover and her pack can Red trust Evan with her secrets, or must she sacrifice her human lover and her heart?


The ranger looked to be just under six foot, but that was tall compared to her petite five-foot two. Long and lean, he had the look of someone who spent a lot of time outdoors, hiking or maybe skiing.

He stepped forward and swept back his shaggybrown hair, revealed warm brown eyes. His face held that look. That look that a man gave a woman, open, appreciative, but a touch guarded.

She returned it with a bold appraising one of her own. He was just what she needed to distract her from her family issues.

He was hot, male, and a stranger.

And a little later we have Evan’s view of the encounter:

Without warning she’d lifted her head, seemed to sniff

the air. Her head swiveled and she looked at him. Found him

hidden, where he stood stunned in the shadows at the side of the

trail. Her eyebrows rose, dark pupils contracted in astonishing

golden eyes.

Excitement pumped danger through his veins.

His instincts took over. Held him completely still. Afraid of

startling her, like a wild creature. He held his arms down at his

sides and looked straight at her, non-threatening, barely able to


Then her eyes warmed, and she’d smiled.

He’d let out his breath, and smiled back.

Even now, as tired as he was after chasing her up half-a-mountain,

he got hard as he remembered her looking at him.

Remembered the touch of her hand, soft and hesitant and as

lethal as lightning.

Jae Lynne:  Are there any other projects you’re working on?

Jessica:  I’m always working on something else, but my most important project right now is getting Seth’s story out there. Seth is Red’s brother. Dark and conflicted he’s becoming a hero right on my keyboard this month. I can’t wait to see how this alpha get’s his just deserts.

Jae Lynne:  Where can our readers find you? 

You can find me the first Friday of the month at Paranormal Freebies and most days during the week at

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Jessica Aspen said...

Thanks for having me on your blog today JaeLynne. My novella released on Saturday and it's been a crazy week! I love the way your site looks, very cool!

Romance Reader Enthusiast said...

I love author interviews. This is the way I learn something about new authors that I have never read before. I also love the change of "Little Red Riding Hood" - make her a wolf. Can't wait to read. Thank you.