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Sunday, March 7, 2010

The Muse Is Back With A Vengeance

While my day job has been too demanding and I've fallen victim to a strain of the flu--sleeping 20 hours since Friday night, a familiar voice decided to make an untimely appearance.

She's...back. Yes, the Muse is back with a vengeance. Edits have picked up, finally. Ideas for other stories came to mind, normally quiet characters demanded attention, and I couldn't be happier. Honestly, I thought she'd abandoned me.

Last, through a friend's recommendation, as a way to assist with over usage of words in my ms (Thank you, Sharon), I visited Wordle. I posted my ms in the box, it displayed a word cloud, and I couldn't help but view it as a work of art. Create yours here

I hope everyone had a wonderful weekend. I'm off to snuggle with my husband, a cup of cinnamon-infused coffee, and my brand new Nook e-reader.

Jae Lynne


Riley Quinn said...

Congrats on getting your muse back though I'm sorry to hear you don't feel well. Thanks for the Wordle recommendation. Can't wait to see what mine looks like. Something else you might consider for your edits - It on special right now for almost half the cost so it's very reasonable.

Feel better soon.

Jae Lynne Davies said...

Thanks for the recommendation, Riley. I will have to look into I haven't heard of it before but feel that I can never have too much info when it comes to editing. I feel like I've been editing forever. Thanks for sharing.