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Sunday, January 24, 2010

Edit, edit and edit some more...

I am in FULL edit mode. Mythic has been an officially completed manuscript for nearly a month and yet I can't seem to stop editing. I've been taking several workshops with the current being editing.

Now, I know that I'm my worst critic but every time I feel like I can move forward, I look again and want to change a minor detail. Grr...but I need to get moving and submit to the 3 editors/publishers that requested a copy of the full manuscript.

Blood Moon (Dante's book) is in the works. I am two chapters and a prologue into the story and the way that the series unfolds will be mind-blowing. Stay tuned for details!

I have to get back to late night/early am edits as the kiddies will be awake before I know it.


Gardens of the Heart said...

Great touch having the music and I've not seen it before, er, heard it before.
About editing. Ditto here. Went to the Donald Maass seminar yesterday in my area. Fire in Fiction will be my new bible. He took a scene we would have cut, and with an exercise in class, made it into something I wouldn't dream of cutting. Showed us how to add conflict to dialog, exposition. And he said sex scenes and action sequences can actually be boring and most readers skip over them alot...hmmm.
Your stories sound great, can't wait to read them. And I know you won't stop until they are page-turners.
I'd love to hear what routine different authors use for editing. I'm talking after the grammar and other issues are done.
Thanks for giving me the chance to comment.

Anonymous said...

Congrats on taking the big blog step. Eeesh, editing, I love it. I hate it. My husband says my manuscripts are like never ending canvases. I just keep adding and taking away. They will never truly be done. I guess at some point you just have to say, Good Enough! and send it out. Good luck and again welcome to the blogging world. Boone Brux.