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Thursday, July 18, 2013

Author Spotlight with Kameron Brook

Welcome, Kameron! Tell us a bit about yourself:

(Kam) Howdy. Thank you so much for having me here today. Let’s see, what can I say about myself? Hmm…. Well, I am a mother of two kids: a thirteen-year-old son and a four-year-old daughter who thinks she is a teenager already. Dirk and I just celebrated our 15th anniversary in June and more in love than ever.

JLD: In which genres do you write?

(Kam) We write erotic romance: gay, straight, bi, ménage, and lesbian.

JLD: What inspires you to write?

(Kam) I enjoy sharing a bit of my life with others. When you read a story by us, know that certain areas are completely true – a scene or the entire story. This tidbit makes the stories even hotter.

JLD: How do you choose names for your characters?

(Kam) The best way I can describe it is a mental neon sign turns on and the name flashes until I type his or her name into the WIP.

JLD: What is your favorite type of character to write? Do you have a personal favorite amongst your own characters?

(Kam) We try to add a bit of humor to all our stories so anyone who is sexy and humorous is my favorite. As for who is my favorite character now, it really is a toss up between Elizabeth and Donovan. I love her punk look and spunky attitude. I adore Donovan’s flirtatious nature and his sweet side.

JLD: Do you have any advice for aspiring authors?

(Kam) If you have a passion to write, then write….write…write. However don’t be discouraged when a mental block happens. Walk away, read a book, go bake, watch tv…..What I am saying is get your mind off the story and you’ll be amazed how the block will suddenly melt away.

JLD: Who is/are your favorite author(s)?

(Kam) I get asked this question often. It’s hard to limit my response to ten but I will try. Let’s see, off the top of my head, I read Kresley Cole, Shayla Black, James Patterson, Jaci Burton, Keri Arthur, Pamela Palmer, Karen Moning, Maggie Shayne, Lora Leigh, and Gena Showalter.

JLD: How do/does your favorite authors(s) impact your writing?

(Kam) When I read a great story, it makes me want to strive to reach their writing caliber.

JLD: If you were stranded on an island with one character from any book of your choice, who would it be and why?

(Kam) That’s a hard question because I need someone who can do it all. I want someone who can make a 5-course meal from what the island provides yet can build us an escape boat.

JLD: Hollywood called! They want to turn your novel into a movie or television series. If given the choice, who would you cast as your characters?

(Kam) Joe Manganiello would most definitely be Donovan and I would take up acting lessons just to play his Elizabeth. ;)

 JLD: Tell us about your novel and what we can expect:

Blurb: It’s grand opening day of Guilty Pleasures, and Donovan is there bright and early with his best friend Jackson. He came to show support to Jackson’s girl, Felicia and maybe grab a sugary treat. Little did he know he’d find something sweeter than anything offered on the menu board – the woman of his dreams. 


This is it, Elizabeth thought as she pushed through the door to deliver a large batch of chocolate and vanilla sugar cookies to the display case. It was grand opening day for Guilty Pleasures, and she couldn’t be more excited or more nervous. Years of scrimping and saving had accumulated to this day. In a matter of minutes the bakery would be open for business, and their city would officially have their first taboo sweet shop.

Elizabeth took one final look around, making sure everything was perfect, when Felicia, her business partner and friend, appeared next to her, chomping on a fornication cookie.

Out of all the sugary creations crafted for the shop, Elizabeth and Felicia would agree these were the most fun to develop. They spent many wine-filled nights brainstorming and researching ideas for the inserts.

“What’s it say, babe?” Elizabeth asked, nodding toward the paper in Felicia’s hand.

Felicia laughed and read the naughty message, "Two heads are better than one, but three, now that’s what I call a party!" As she tucked the paper into her back pocket, she asked, “I forget. Was this yours or mine?”

“I actually think your man deserves credit for this one.” Grinning, Elizabeth grabbed the sampler plate off the counter and walked toward the front door, turning to take one final look around before the place filled up. She couldn't be any prouder of the decor in her little slice of heaven. She glanced to her left and smiled proudly as she admired the photos on the wall. 

The food photographer they had hired did a fantastic job capturing the beauty and sexiness of several corset cakes available for purchase. But the icing on the cake, so to speak, was the mural to the right of the entrance. A local artist painted "What Are Your Guilty Pleasures" but the letters were actually naked people in compromising naughty positions.

Felicia giggled. “Oh yeah, it’s all coming back to me now. We definitely drank way too much that night.”

Nodding in agreement, Elizabeth turned on the neon sign and opened the doors for business.

Already, a few eager customers were waiting by the window. They actually applauded when Elizabeth stepped out of the shop door. She greeted them with a smile and offered them their choice of iced cocks or boobs. She wasn’t surprised the guests blushed when they made their selection and bit into the cookie. She expected to witness many rosy cheeks in the hours ahead of them—giggles too.

As the streets began to fill up with people going to work, Elizabeth tried to coax even more passersby into the shop with her funny shout-outs such as: “I bet our peckers taste as good as your man’s. No wait, even better!” And, “Our breasts are fantastic and all natural.” All the while she held up a naughty treat.

After the bell dinged behind her a couple dozen times, she realized the humorous approach to draw in customers was working like a charm. Now with them inside, she had no doubt every person who’d entered the shop erected from her dreams would be a repeat customer. And with this thought, she knew the many dinners of Ramen noodles were well worth the discomfort it cost her over the years.

JLD: Your story sounds fantastic! Are there any other projects you’re working on?

(Kam) Dirk and I are taking the summer off to spend time with our kids and finish up summer home renovations.

JLD: Where can our readers find you?

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Combined Bio: Kameron and Dirk, a passionate couple in and out of the bedroom, has decided to join forces and bring their erotic imagination to life with words. Their solo stories are electric; however, the works they create together will practically sizzle off the page. Yes, they might live in a quiet suburb neighborhood, but they’re anything but tame and unadventurous. A fact you shall read and learn about soon enough. 


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