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Saturday, June 2, 2012

Sex Scene Saturday - A Sneak Peek at Blood Moon

It's that time again!

First, I want to announce the winner of last week's giveaway. Congrats to Terry for her comment left on Goodreads! Terry won a digital copy of my short story, The Contract!

For the final week of Sex Scene Saturday, I thought long and hard about which scene to post from Blood Moon as I don't want to give anything away but I 'm so excited to give you all a peek at new material. I hope you're pleased with the excerpt. Remember, the novel releases on July 15th, so keep an eye on Amazon, Goodreads, ARe and my website for details.

While I don't have an ARC to give just yet, this week's prize will be Blood Moon swag (bookmarks, coffee mug, magnets, etc.). Thanks so much to all of you for joining me and the other amazing authors participating in the blog event. I've had a blast posting these scenes and I hope you've all enjoyed the excerpts as well.

Without further delay, I give you a first look at Blood Moon...

Gianna Marino and Mattias Vitale pulled up to a private parking garage attached to the side of the nightclub building. Mattias extended his arm out the window and placed his palm flat against a screen when a steel door rose, clearing them for entry. When the door closed behind them, he drove up several levels before backing into his reserved spot in a secluded area. He shook his head at her and turned off the engine. With one last smile, he exited the vehicle. Gods, she was livid over his secrecy. He’d sworn she’d be included in all coven dealings, regardless of how mundane. Now he was being selective with the information he was willing to share, and she wanted to kill him.

She threw the door open, stepped out, and slammed it shut. An echo thundered and Mattias raised his hands in surrender. “Baby, there’s no need for overreaction. Trust me, you’ll be glad I waited one more night to reveal the situation.” He wrapped an arm around her waist. “It appears I did forget something, though,” he said.

She swung around in passionate fury. “You know what Mattias? I don’t—”

Before she could finish the sentence, he crushed her against him and kissed her deeply. She loved how he kissed, rough and demanding. As his tongue skated over hers, every nerve ending grew sensitive, and the fine hairs on her body were acutely aware of his touch. In an instant, he grew impatient. She gave a sharp gasp as his powerful arms lifted her to the hood of the car. “I want you, Gianna. Right here…right now.” He reached for the seam at the hem of her dress, and ripped a long slit in the material.

She looked to the tear and dismissed the damage he’d done to her clothing. In fact, the primal act made her ache with want. He urged her on her back, supported by the hood of the car, still warm from the heat of the engine. She recognized the ravenous look in his eyes as he slowly descended her body, pressing his lips against her skin every few inches. Each smack of his kiss nearly set her entire being ablaze, a biological betrayal as her body reacted in response to his mere touch. 

Fingers traveled the length of her thighs in ten touches of adoration, all working toward the same goal. When he reached her hips, he grasped her lace panties and dragged them downward, one side of the material fisted in his hand. He was hungry tonight. She didn’t know what he hungered for exactly, but this was a promising start to the evening’s events.

Fleeting breaths escaped her lips while he continued to dominate her body, and his scent enveloped her senses as she grew inebriated with his essence. The warmth of his breath advanced toward the very place where she yearned for his touch. She closed her eyes tight in an attempt to deny him the satisfaction of pleasure-filled cries, but it was pointless.

Just as the thought crossed her mind, his mouth covered her moist heat. She quivered while his tongue worked diabolical magic between her legs. 

He paused. “I’ve always wanted to take you like this, Gianna. Just like this, not concerned with where it happened, so long as I could show you how my patience wears thin in your presence, and how only you can satisfy my insatiable hunger.”

She lifted her head to meet his starving gaze. “Mattias—”

“Shh…lay back, my love. But be forewarned…this won’t be the last time I take you tonight. This is only but a sample of what’s to come.”

He lowered his mouth and reclaimed her warmth with no less attention. Clever lips hummed against her tense bundle of nerves, creating the most erotic sensations. Seconds later, the pressure eased and his kiss traveled high to her inner thigh, but the unspeakable pleasure roared through her body, a wicked distraction. 

Before she could register his intention, the bloodlust flooded her senses in a tide of crimson so profound, the urgent need bordered upon madness. His fangs pierced her skin. She snapped her head forward and watched his eyes glow a familiar burgundy hue, staring into hers as he suckled the wound stinging from his bite. With a curse, she balled her hands into fists. If she didn’t have him inside her soon, she’d surely die.

As though he was in tune with her aching core, he inserted two fingers deep between her legs while his mouth continued to draw blood from her thigh. She gasped a sharp breath, and threw her head back in ecstasy. Dear gods, she hated the fact that sex with him was this good. It would be so much easier to hate him if he wasn’t the best lover she’d ever had.

There was little time to debate. Just as soon as those thoughts left her mind, he’d glided an expert tongue over the punctures in her skin and pulled her off the hood, toward him. He held her close, reached around to her back, and lowered the zipper of her dress. Two slight sways of her hips, and the dress fell to the floor.

She stood naked with her hands on her hips, wearing only a pair of heels, and watched his expression as his eyes studied her body. He smiled a wicked curve of lips and glistening fangs as he removed his steel colored shirt, holding her gaze with each unfastened button. She continued to watch him while he shrugged out of the shirt, one shoulder at a time, and couldn’t help but notice that every move he’d ever made was a beautiful art form, choreographed. Even the way he removed clothing was so methodical, she could watch him for days.

But the admiration didn’t end there. He tossed the shirt to the side, the buttons tapping the blacktop of the garage floor, and stood inches from Gianna. She felt the heat of his body, smelled his blood—both of which increased with his arousal. The more worked up he became, the richer the scent of his essence. It figured his blood would bear hints of chocolate—the one taste commonly compared to sex.

In a swift move, he pulled her into a warm embrace. Skin crushed against skin. The tribal tattoo that ran the length of his arm and down one side of his torso bulged and flexed with his efforts. His hands cupped the toned cheeks of her ass before he lifted her back to the hood of the car. She shifted toward the windshield and bit her bottom lip in the heat of the moment.

Mattias reached for his belt and began to unbuckle. Dear gods, that one act was among the sexiest sounds in the world. He pulled the leather strap from the loops of his slacks in a move so quick, the hum reverberated off the walls around them as the pants slid to the ground. She didn’t know where his shoes were. Nor did she care.

Commando. It took a certain kind of man to appreciate that sort of freedom. Gianna gave a playful laugh. “Nice.”

Mattias smirked and cocked an eyebrow. “It’s good to know the things you appreciate, love.”

He crawled his way back up her body and claimed her lips with a kiss that demanded far more. She could barely take the foreplay any longer when she broke free of the lip lock and whispered against his lips, “Mattias…please.”

“I love it when you beg,” he replied, then laughed low in his throat.

Gianna sensed his will weakening. It had to be, she was about to ignite from the heat of passion. Seconds passed. In an aggressive move, he pulled her hips to meet his and plunged deep into her core. Mattias was long and thick—a perfect cock, and she felt every inch of him surge between her legs. She propped herself up on the palms of her hands and arched her back, needing more.

“Ah!” she cried, as she threw her head back in ecstasy. Her hair swept across the steel of the vehicle in the erotic rhythm of Mattias’s thrusts. The animalistic growl, low in his throat was an unmistakable sound of primal satisfaction. His reaction caused her to reach for him, pull him closer. Her hands slid up the familiar planes of his muscular back to the breadth of his shoulders where she took hold. She loved his shoulders, the expanse of his chest, that gorgeous ink design that suited him.

Gianna was nearing the edge. Mattias braced his palm flat against the hood of the car, beside her mouth. “Do it,” he said with hooded eyes.

Mattias always recognized her need for nourishment. He was just like her—a hybrid born of a human and vampire coupling. And though they both were pretending to be something else, the signs were certain. The burgundy glow of their eyes when blood became a necessity was a trait of their race. No doubt he noticed the color change. She could feel the demand of thirst course through her body.

Mattias’s arm placed inches from her face, she turned away. “No,” she answered.

“Drink of me, Gianna. Enjoy me. Because I will certainly enjoy you,” he said.

He moved his hand closer, his wrist barely touching her cheek.

She faced his challenge and sank her teeth into his skin with such force, she earned a hiss. “Mmm,” she moaned against his skin.

He quickened his thrusts. She worked the wound and met his gaze just in time to see his eyes close tight. But while a part of her wanted to see him go first, the sweetness of his blood that she’d secretly grown to enjoy caused her to burst. “Oh yeah!” she cried.

“That’s right, come for me, baby,” he said.

She came…hard. Her body convulsed in release and she felt the gush of warmth drench him.    

 “Yes. Oh yes,” he panted. Then, with a thunderous roar, he joined her in sweet ecstasy.

Minutes passed that seemed like an eternity. Mattias stood, still inside her. “Is everything alright?” she asked.

He smiled. “Yes, just let me enjoy this a few moments longer.”

Gianna didn’t protest. She sensed unease in the coven leader, but he didn’t linger. When he finally withdrew himself, leaving her free to move about, she slid off the vehicle and collected her clothes. After a few moments of silence, she ran a hand through her hair and shot him a sideways glance. “Well that was spontaneous,” she said.

“Baby, I’m just getting started,” he said, then smiled with glistening fangs, “Shall we?” he asked, offering her his arm.

She placed her arm comfortably through his and approached the entry to the club, admiring the fashionable tear in her dress and recalling his oath of things to come. Mattias brought something to the table she couldn’t resist, no matter how hard she tried, and she wasn’t sure who she hated more for it…him or herself.

Read more about Gianna and Mattias in Mythic (Book 1 of the Mythic Series) available at Amazon and ARe.
Blood Moon coming 7/15/12 from Tease Publishing, LLC.
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Terry said...

I knew I made the right choice by staying up till I read your scene. *fans self* Love a man who knows just how to take off his clothes and Mattias sure does. *bites lower lip* Can't wait to read what leads up to this scene and what comes after!

Moira said...

OH WOW!! That was awesome, I lovely read with my morning coffee!! I will be getting Bllod Moon on July 15th.

Jae Lynne Davies said...

Terry! You're the winner of a Blood Moon coffee mug with swag. Oh yeah, your coffee is about to get even HOTTER!