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Monday, October 31, 2011

Confessions of a Halloween Babe

Happy Halloween!

There are so many festive blog posts I've seen this month, but I decided to share something a little more personal. Why? Because of one minor detail. I share my birthday with the day of tricks and treats.

Let me begin by saying that this is NOT a personal pity party, but a look at things from my point of view through the years.

While it's great to have a Halloween birthday, in many ways, it's a tough situation as a child. Both of my parents worked full-time jobs, so everything was rushed on Halloween. Mom often grew frustrated stuffing four kids into costumes and rushing us all out the door. The world was a different place then. We could walk through our neighborhood until 10:00pm and not have a care in the world. But most years, birthday celebrations had to wait until November 1st. Looking back on all of that now, I realize my birthday was a two day celebration that was equally difficult for my parents and they certainly tried their best!

Now that I'm older, it's no longer important. But every so often I still claim bragging rights. And yes, it's kind of cool. LOL

In fact, there are some REALLY cool superstitions I've discovered regarding the significance of being born on October 31st. Some that are worthy of note are:

* Halloween babies will enjoy lifelong protection against evil spirits.

* There is an American myth that states that children born on Halloween will be protected against evil spirits their entire life and will be given the gift of second sight.

* It is believed that anyone born on Halloween can see, hear, and talk to spirits.

Now, I'm not exactly having intellectual conversations with those who've passed on, but I've been  known to sprout fangs on occasion. *wink*

In honor of Halloween (and my birthday), I've decided to give away a prize to one commenter. Tell me your Halloween plans, and you'll win your choice of one of my titles in eBook format AND a bag of Halloween treats!

I'll announce the winner on November 6th! Happy Halloween!


Chrisbails said...

Happy bday Jae Lynn. I think Christmas babies also have it rough. My aunt was born on christmas and even though everyone says happy bday, she only usually gets christmas presents.
This halloween we are dressing up as a family-different costumes. My son is a skelton/ghost, my daughter is dressing as a devil, I am dressing up as a brown dog, and not sure what my husband is going to be. I love Halloween, it is my favorite holiday. It is the only holiday where you can dress up in a funky costume and no one cares, and where you can do crazy stuff and no ones cares. We all love dressing up, candy, decorating, carving pumpkins, and scary movies.
After we takes the kids trick-or-treating then we will come back and watch a few scary movies, and maybe watch some late night ghost hunters live show. On pretty late though.
Thanks for the giveaway and the chance to win. Love your books and can't wait for the next new one.

June M. said...

Hope you have a great birthday and Halloween. My birthday is 5 days before Christmas so it was generally grouped with the holiday, except for everyone saying happy birthday.
My Halloween is going to be pretty boring. I live out in the country so no trick or treaters, and I don't have children so no need to go out. I will just be hanging around the house with a good vampire book and some candy. I might watch a scary movie if I feel like it. As I said, pretty boring.
manning_j2004 at yahoo dot com

kel_p said...

I think you have a fantastic Birthday :) I hope you had a great day celebrating your birth & then a fun night celebrating the holiday!
Unfortunately, my Halloween was non existent :( It's just a holiday that doesn't get celebrated here in Australia :( I did what i could for the 3 or 4 kids that came by but in 7 years of living where i do, this is only the 2nd time we've had trick or treaters.....
I do plan to get to the USA one year - & although i'll be 30+ by the time it happens, i WILL be dressing up & trick or treating with a friend!
So this year i spent the night on the couch, reading a great paranormal book with a plate of nachos! Nothing beats reading about Vampires & werewolves on the night of Halloween :)

Jae Lynne Davies said...

Hey Everyone!

Thanks so much for sharing your Halloween plans/experiences with me!

Without further delay, the winner of one of my eBooks (title of your choice) and a Halloween bag of treats, is JuneM!

Congrats, June! Don't forget to keep an eye on my website and this blog for more opportunities to win prizes!