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Saturday, August 20, 2011

Authors After Dark 2011 and a GIVEAWAY!

I'm back from AAD and I'm EXHAUSTED (in a good way, promise).

This year I had the pleasure of being a member of Stella Price's convention staff and it was an epic experience. From the moment I pulled up to the hotel with some 5,000 books sent by various publishers, I worked my ass off! Between filling welcome bags with several pounds of swag from over 100 authors, to setting up ballrooms for dinners, organizing the Bookie Awards ceremony, attending the costume balls, and other things on the fly, the experience was a rewarding one.

Besides meeting new readers and seeing old friends, this was my first con where I attended as an author. That's right! It was a career milestone. During the public book signing on Saturday, I found it surreal that people asked for MY autograph. Yes, the sensation is still foreign. But the proud expression splayed across my husband's face as he witnessed this, was priceless. <3

With the end of the Philly convention, preparations for Authors After Dark in New Orleans in 2012 are well underway! I'm looking forward to another successful event next year!

Were you at the conference? Plan to go in 2012? Comment for an Authors After Dark welcome bag full of the swag I mentioned (including a few novels). Don't forget to include your email address! I'll announce the winner next Sunday (8/28).

Oh and I have pictures! Enjoy...

The view from our room!

Another room view

My girls Mindy and Kelly showing Joey W. Hill some love in her absence.

Larissa Ione and Stella Price at the Mythos Masquerade

PJ Schnyder, Marilyn Hackett, Me, Stella Price, Mindy Howard, Kelly Smith and Sandy Albury posing for the Pros

The charity gift baskets
Kelly, Mindy, Me, Sandy and Mar (down below) at the Steampunk Ball posing for the Pros

Another Pro Steampunk Ball photo

Another room view
Such a gorgeous city

Me as Artemis from Sherrilyn Kenyon's Dark-Hunter Series (Thanks Mindy)

Mar, Me, Sandy and Helen at the Mythos Dinner (Another Mindy photo)


Jennifer Labelle said...

The pictures look great, and it sounds like you had a great time. No, I wasn't able to attend and I'm not sure about next year either. It's a little far for me. I think it's awesome you got to sign some autographs and that your husband was made proud. Made me smile when I read that. Thanks for sharing!

Brinda said...

It looks like you had a blast. The steampunk garb is awesome! New Orleans is closer to me, so maybe I can attend next year. brinda(at)brindaberry(dot)com.

Tonya said...

You all looked like you had a blast. I love your costums. I didnt attend but im hoping to one of these years. :) Thank you for sharing with us and for the awesome giveaway!

Judi said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Chrisbails said...

I loved the pictures. I love to dress up and those outfits would be very fun to wear. Would love to win the swag bag from the conference. I bet there are some great goodies in there.
I was not at the conference, I would love to go but don't have that kind of money to do that. If was closer to Iowa or if won a cool contest thatn I would love to go. I am a huge reader and that would be my ultimate dream come true. so many great author in one room. I read a ton and loved the Contract and definately love to read mythic.
thanks for the giveaway and the chance to win.

Anonymous said...

I wish I had been able to go to AAD. Next year I am definitely going to try to go. It sounds like so much fun!!


Jae Lynne Davies said...

Hey Jennifer!

Thanks for stopping by! Yes, we had a great time and the autograph signing was too surreal. In all the con was a wonderful experience and NOT to be missed.

Here's hoping you can join us in New Orleans next year!

Good luck in the contest!

Jae Lynne Davies said...

Hey Brinda!

Thanks for leaving a comment. Steampunk is brand new for me, but all of my friends seem to love it, and I figured I'd give it a shot.

Hope to see you in New Orleans next year. Good luck in the contest!

Jae Lynne Davies said...

Hey Tonya,

Sorry you couldn't be in Philly to join in the festivities, but I'm happy to make a welcome bag available!

Thanks for commenting!

Jae Lynne Davies said...

Hey Judi!

Mexico exhausted me, too! Though if you get the chance, Authors After Dark is highly recommended! Thanks for stopping by and good luck in the contest.

Jae Lynne Davies said...

Hey Chris!

Thanks so much for your kind words about THE CONTRACT. Diana and Cole were so much fun to write. I'll likely continue their journey through either a series of short stories or a full length novel. If I continue the short stories, you'll see other supporting characters' tales as well.

MYTHIC is a different ball game. The series will continue as I'm deep into the sequel. Hope you get the chance to read it!

AAD was amazing, like you said, so many authors in one room, and I came away with a wonderful experience. Hope you make it to one in the future.

Good luck in the contest. I'm happy to make a welcome back available to my readers.

Thanks for stopping by!

Jae Lynne Davies said...

Hi Ruby!

Thanks for taking the time to stop by. Hope you can make it to one of the cons one day. They're so much fun and are an excellent way to meet some new authors.

Good luck in the giveaway!

Jae Lynne Davies said...

Happy Sunday, everyone! I survived Irene and now it's time to announce the winner of the AAD (Authors After Dark) convention welcome bag.

The winner is...Brinda Berry!

Congrats, Brinda! I'll be in touch for your address information.

Thanks to all of your for entering my contest. WATCH THIS PAGE for more chances to win some goodies!